ProMarker Storage

I’ve seen several ways of storing ProMarkers, but few of them seem to be easily portable. With my need to move my ProMarkers from workshop to workshop as well as from craft room to in front of the TV and back again, I decided to make my ProMarker storage portable.

So here goes: the box is airtight, which I reckon helps the pens last longer (especially if the alcohol whiff as you remove the lid is anything to go by). It is a 9 litre ‘WanMao’ WB-060A box designed for bread and has an inner white grid base, obtained from Wilkinson’s. I covered the base with a sheet of card before constructing a grid of thick card (see Fig.4) to hold the pens upright. The grid keeps them in pairs, only because I was too lazy to do each line, but also it left enough space to keep a dozen pens in a row. The dots on the chisel tip end of the pen are 8mm round stickers from W H Smith’s/any stationer’s and each has been coloured once all over, and then again over half to demonstrate the depth of colour difference when using layers (Fig.3). I file the pens in order of the Letraset colour chart, and I think there’s enough room for all of them in the container, once I get the rest. When in use, the box is resting on it’s base; when stored, the box is rested on its side so that the pens are kept horizontal. Apparently if you only rarely use the chisel tip, don’t worry about the horizontal storage, store them bullet tip down.

2 thoughts on “ProMarker Storage

  1. Great portable storage solution, will have to get some of those stickers šŸ™‚
    I do have a basket for my pens when I colour in bed :blush:

  2. Doesn’t matter which way you store Promarkers as they’re alcohol ink and can be stored any which way you choose. It’s only waterbased markers should be stored horizontally (as advised by Letraset themselves on enquiry because of all the misinformation out there).
    Like this idea but I find my aluminium DJ CD case suits me, especially with the handle for carrying around. I’ve just upgraded to a larger case which takes the full set of Pros however, I now need an even bigger one (or a 2nd) to accommodate some Flex – lol!

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