Quilt No. 4 – ‘Puzzle’

The weather has been lousy here all weekend, and rather than making cards – which was my plan – I ended up quilting. There was something about being under the quilt as I was sewing it and binding the edges that suited the conditions! I started it at the beginning of February at a quilting workshop I was given for my birthday at Quorn Country Crafts, during which I finished the top. I layered it and started quilting on Friday afternoon, did the quilted border and corners and binding yesterday, and I finished it with a hand stitched label this morning. Most of the quilt is quilted with stitch-in-ditch, with the wide border needing a little more, so I created my own quilting design. The quilt measures 64x64in with binding, and as you can see was destined to go in our spare room.

A note, 02-MAY-15:
I have been made aware by Debbie Maddy that she owns the copyright to a similar design of quilt. I would like to make it quite clear that I have not used her instructions to make this quilt, nor was aware of them, or her, before or during the class or indeed before writing my own instructions based on the quilt I made during the class. I would also like to assert I have never assumed credit for the design, and have only requested copyright to the instructions I have independently written and illustrated. To aid clarification of these points, I have amended the descriptive text above and below (in italics) to remove any potential implication that this was my own design.

For those that wish to purchase Debbie’s original pattern for her design, it is available from her website: http://www.calicocarriage.com (listed as Labyrinth, as both hard copy or downloadable format). From the descriptive text I am also led to believe her pattern also includes different sizes of her design, which mine does not.

I continue, at present, to offer my instructions as a downloadable file as these were independently written based on my own working of the quilt and in the absence of knowledge of the design source, and I have amended the file to acknowledge Debbie and promote her pattern.

Update 24-FEB-15:
Thank you to my testers, Julie and Anita, and to Tricia: the description of how I made the quilt is now available!

The instructions are an instant download PDF file, purchasable via PayPal by clicking the button below (you will have the option to pay in your local currency). The link will be sent to the email address that is linked to the PayPal account you use to pay – it will expire 48 hours later, so be sure to download your pattern as soon as you receive it.

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Please note: downloads direct to iOS devices (iPad/iPhone) will not work. To see the file on these devices, you will need to download on your desktop and then transfer the file to the device using iTunes.

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‘Lilac Time’ Quilt

What do you get the man who has most things for his Christmas and birthday presents? Turns out that two quilting workshops are a very good idea! The first I went to was over six weeks in Jan-Feb 2012 at Quorn Country Crafts, where the lovely Margaret supervised the ladies and I in making a ‘Lilac Time’ quilt. The fabrics were chosen to fit into the spare room – which now needs redecorating… It’s amazing how much the costs mount – including all materials, wadding and backing as well as the workshop costs, this double bed sized quilt cost £200 before my time was taken into consideration! Don’t ever underestimate the cost of a hand crafted quilt! This one isn’t for sale though… The petal quilting in the feature fabric is to my own design and the rest is stitch-in-ditch quilted.

Free Motion Machine Quilting – more squares

Four more squares from my ‘practice’ free motion machine quilting, using fabulous continuous line patterns as mentioned in my first bit of blogging about this.

Clockwise from top left are: Daisy Chain, Starshine, Do-Si-Do and Colorado Springs. I’m getting a bit quicker now that I’m getting the practice, and do recommend the daily practice – I did have over New Year off though 🙂

Free Motion Machine Quilting – another two squares

I’m trying to do one free motion quilt square per day – it keeps me in practice, doesn’t put too much strain on my dicky wrists, and doesn’t take up too much time. I’ve also started sewing up the squares to see what it’ll look like completed.

As usual, my photography lets me down… but you get the gist. And here’s what the four of them look like bound together:

Free Motion Machine Quilting – first attempts

Happy Christmas to you all 🙂

I’ve been at the sewing machine using one of the many books I got for Christmas – Hari Walner’s Continuous Line Quilting Designs. Featuring 80 designs, it relies on free motion machine stitching, unless you’re doing it by hand of course… I’ve decided to make a sampler quilt since my practice squares have turned out ok. It’ll be just calico and 80/20 wadding – may be a prototype for a silk dupion one? Here’s the first two squares, 10×10″ in size.

Reversible canvas bag

I’ve got the sewing bug sooo bad! But that’s ok as it justifies getting the new sewing machine 😉

This afternoon I decided to make myself a stained glass window bag to carry all my quilting paraphernalia to and from future workshops. I didn’t have a pattern to follow, and worked it out as I went – there was only one minor glitch along the way fixing the handles, but got that sorted without too much unpicking. I’ve somehow made it reversible, but who’d want to hide the colour side? After three hours ironing, sewing and cogitating, here’s the results:

And I thought I’d made it big enough – but no, it’s an inch too small (16 inches square) after all the folds and seams were a smidge imprecise. The next one should be quicker 🙂