Powertex sculpting with Harry

I had the pleasure of a request to tutor one of our friends’ sons over the summer. Harry is 12, and has joined me in the studio for two hours each week and for his final two sessions we decided to make a statuette of his favourite video game figure – Link from Nintendo’s Ocarina of Time.

Harry Clayton's LinkThis statuette stands just shy of 50cm/19″ tall and had a wire frame, foil and polystyrene structure covered with masking tape to bind it all together before covering with Powertex bronze. The next layer was Powertex soaked fabric before piecing the tunic, cuffs and belt/bandoleer combo. We made the shield from Powertex ‘clay’ and dried it over a jam jar to set the curve. The same clay was used to form the sword and both hands, with the sword supported by a wire centre. The shield was connected by using Powertex to glue to the fist and elbow and a supporting fabric structure in the centre, supported while drying.

Harry preferred to not use the metallic pigments which would have given a more bronze-like feel, and we’re both delighted with the outcome! I’m impressed with the versatility of Powertex and the flexibility of the fabric really lends a sense of moment and dynamism in the final piece.

Two new workshops added

I’ve just updated my workshops page with two new sessions:

Make Your Own Embellishments – Saturday 5th October (£25)

A day of demonstrations and practical hands-on experience making your own embellishments for card making or scrapbooking: includes tips and tricks for colouring, moulding, shrink plastic, customised ‘metal’ tags, paper and fabric flowers, colour coordination and embellishing die cut lettering. If you have a layout in mind, bring your photos and make your own bespoke embellishments to match.

Painting with Powertex – Saturday 2nd November (£50)

African SceneIn this session we’ll be using Powertex (a specialist pigmented liquid fabric hardener) as a paint. You’ll explore building up layers and texture on canvas and on a frame, making a complementary air dry clay to create figures or shapes to embellish your piece, and learn techniques to colour your pieces further with powered pigments.

For more details, pictures and to book online, go to my
workshops page. Full terms and conditions are also available using the link at the bottom of the same page.

Now Level 3 Certified Powertex Trainer…

I spent a day with the fabulous Brit once again, learning how to paint with Powertex. Here are the results of a few hours work. Workshops are destined to follow fairly soon as these techniques are fast and great effects easily achieved:

Both techniques concentrate on building layers and texture, with pigment powder highlights. The figures and stones are made from Stone Art/Powertex clay. With practice I think my figures will be a little more uniform – I was going for the slightly more abstract elongated appearance, honest! Sizes – ‘African scene’ – 40x50cm, ‘Stones’ – 40x40cm.