My Craftwork Cards DT Projects

A collection of my Craftwork Cards design team projects

Collection_ws 1_w 2_w 3_w 4_w 5_w 6_w Card1_w Card2_w Card3_w Card4_w Card5_w  Result IMG_4663_w IMG_4662_w IMG_4613_w Dressform Box3_w SmallRoses_w LargeRose_w Box_w Topiary Trees Botanica 3D Easter Basket Time Flies Dressform Triptych

2 thoughts on “My Craftwork Cards DT Projects

  1. I have just seen your blog for the 1st time. I like the mannequin so I have order the the template. Also I have seen your CHRISTMAS KISSES cards. Do have instructions of how to make one. Many Thanks, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon
      I’ll get your templates sent today. The instructions for the Christmas Kisses card are exclusive to the Fan Page and available there – just join the group 🙂

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