Art Journal: Travel Journal – update


A couple of weeks ago, I showed images of a travel art journal I made in response to one of the Wanderlust 2016 classes #wanderlustclass. Earlier this week I took a day out to Liverpool, and have been filling in the journal. Some was done in a Costa Coffee at Albert Dock, some on a tilting Pendolino train on the way from Leicester (that was fun!) and some since I have got back. In the various pockets, I’ve got descriptive tags of the places I visited, receipts and tickets and even the wrapping from my mid-morning flapjack – in short anything I handled that would fit in was included. The map segments are from a free city map. Panoramic views of the journal should follow depending on your your viewing platform.

3 thoughts on “Art Journal: Travel Journal – update

  1. Absolutely wonderful. Great to see a completed one. Mine is a work in progress, but there are lessons to learn from yours. I love the colours and the uncluttered background. Makes me want to do another one, but got too much else to do.

  2. This is brilliant Neil. Looks like you had a fab time in Liverpool and what a great way to keep your memories of the day. As always, attention to detail is superb with a great professional look. I’m sure many of your followers will be inspired by this
    Nat xx

  3. What a fabulous idea, Neil! A lovely memento of a fun time away. I must remember this! It would be a great way to make a holiday record, rather than just having the photos on one’s computer.


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