No Needle Knitting


It’s no secret that I have never really learnt to knit properly. I can crochet, but something about two needles doesn’t work for me – it’s like aerobics: I can do arms, or legs, but not both at the same time. Then I came across loom knitting. No needles, just 18 pins and a hook. Here’s my first loom knitted project. It’s a cross between a shawl and a scarf – a sharf or a scawl? The Irish roses and leaves are crocheted from the same yarn [200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims] and sew onto the completed knit. I’ve even sewn round the button hole.

3 thoughts on “No Needle Knitting

  1. That’s brilliant, Neil! Love it. It’s got a gorgeous texture. Is loom knitting something like French knitting? My grandfather used to “knit” scarves for the troops, using a long piece of wood with a slit in the middle, and nails around the top, like the traditional cotton reel and 4 nails, only bigger.

    I find traditional knitting needles a bit of a pain, and always use circular ones, even when not knitting in the round. The weight of the work sits in your lap and it’s a lot less like hard work!

    Love the thought of knitting aerobics lol!


    • That’s the one! They’re plastic now, but the same as you describe. I’m going to YouTube the different stitch styles when I have a little more time.

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