Balawat – tangle pattern

BalawatThe second of four tangle patterns based on centuries old Islamic art. This one is from the carved stone threshold of a pair of massive gates from the palace of Shalmaneser III at Balawat, dating from 858-824 BC. The cross hatching should make the ‘petals’ appear like pine cones, a common feature of a lot of the patterns, particularly the carved ones. The lilies between the pine cones are an example of another regularly repeated motif.

2 thoughts on “Balawat – tangle pattern

  1. All of your art work is really enjoyable to follow, but zentangle is my first love. I am so happy to see you doing patterns again! I really love your tangle patterns. I have your big zentangled celtic piece that I won in one of your contests hanging in my apt. It inspires me!
    thanks zenpen

  2. Fantastic! I wonder if the original palace-mason drew out the same exact steps when he did the carving? Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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