Pumpkin Surprise – tangle pattern

I don’t normally go for anything Hallowe’en. I do however like some of the crafty aspects of the time of year, particularly the pumpkin carving. I’m not entirely sure why, but I woke up this morning working out whether you could make a Hallowe’en tangle pattern. A quick sketch later solidified the initial idea, and following a few trial runs after breakfast came this:

Halloween tessellation

This is a tessellation tangle, or a tangle that tessellates! You’ll need to draw it several times to get the hang of it (or at least I did). Points to note: bats alternate with ghosts – bats have curved bottoms, ghosts have pointy bottoms (step 2). Bats wings are crinkled top and bottom (step 3), ghost ‘wings’ are smooth tops and crinkly bottoms (step 4). Oh and colour really makes this one come to life ­čÖé

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Surprise – tangle pattern

  1. How ingenious is this! I love how you’ve gotten the pumpkins, bats and ghosts all in there. Like you, I’m not a cutesy Halloween person. But this works!

  2. I have never decorated for Halloween, but I actually might! Very clever!

  3. Love it. am fairly new to Zentangles and all the crazy that goes with it and I love Halloween……..perfect combination of the two ­čÖé

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