Creative Chemistry 101 – Day 8

Today we looked at a ‘Paint Primer’ – and I discovered a number of Snow Cap dabbers that were solid… and I only have the Rock Candy (clear) Crackle Distress paint. But I persevered and here are my homework tags:

I’m not sure about the acrylic resist on canvas in the centre – it really didn’t work out well, and I suspect I need more contrast on the background to make the yellow and pink dots stand out more. The Shattered Stains technique though is going to  become a favourite!

2 thoughts on “Creative Chemistry 101 – Day 8

  1. like these tags.
    Are you saying that the snow cap dabbers are NOT supposed to be solid….. everyone I have purchased has been and I thought I hate these dabbers, what is all the hype about !. I have watered them down with water, rubbing alcohol, spreader medium, what a hassle, in the end I threw them out and steer away from anything dabber.

    • I think there must have been a duff batch! The new bottles are meant to be softer to squeeze and according the to Professor, a more liquid formulation. I’m going to take a pic of mine and email Ranger to see what they will do.

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