Zippa – tangle pattern

Bank Holiday Special Part Two: a great border pattern, but also will fill in gaps nicely. Several ways of drawing this (as normal) but this is the way it happened when I was experimenting. I think the shading helps develop depth and form.

5 thoughts on “Zippa – tangle pattern

  1. This is quite striking. I’ll have to see how it works without the graph paper. Thanks!
    (enthusiastic artist blog)

  2. Thanks for the great tangle Neil. I plan on using each of the steps in this as separate tangles. This is one that even I can do with my crappy hands and poor eye sight

  3. I think after working this out on graph paper, to transtition to plain, I will need to break this down into shapes, to get it to work, I’ll let ya know.

  4. I just began tangling in June after a mini stroke. My problem is that I can not remember the patterns or names. I’d love a reference on these beautiful tangles.

    Thank you,


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