Travel Journal – journaling prompts for when your brain is on holiday

Just thought I’d share some of the journaling ideas I had whilst I was filling in my travel journal.

  1. Numbers – decorate your page with relevant numbers and a brief comment – I used the flight number, the weight of my suitcase, how many miles it was to my destination, in-flight meal prices, taxi pick up time etc
  2. Top Tips – list all the things you want to remember for next time you go on holiday or the things you would tell people coming to the same area
  3. Menus – sketch your food for the day, then describe it: we had ‘brown’ several times during our stay – it was either coffee or chocolate mousse, but occasionally we’d be caught out with the hazelnut variety!
  4. Guide Book – if you get stuck for ideas, raid your guide book and any handy tour leaflets for facts and pictures or maps and pop them into your journal
  5. Logos – I drew the logo that was on the beer glass every evening, and stuck in a section of the honey rum bottle label… the things you want to remember!
  6. Mini-maps – annotate a mini-map of your area, or the route to the beach, with the things that were memorable or significant landmarks along the way
  7. Write larger – if you only do eating, sunbathing and swimming, it may not seem to be enough for a journal page entry… so write larger and decoratively, it soon fills the page!