A little upcycling: converting a cutlery canteen

I’m determined to have a clear out some of the things I’ve kept as ‘they’ll come in handy’ to make room for things I actually use. To that end, I’ve upcycled a shabby (empty) old cutlery canteen that was previously being kept in my grandfather’s old shed, and then languished in my outhouse/garage and shed for even more years. I stripped out the innards, sanded everything back and revarnished with a dark oak polyurethane varnish. I relined it with ‘antique red’ felt, and it now complements the lounge decor as a handy hidey-hole for the remotes and glasses I find necessary to have the TV in focus.


One thought on “A little upcycling: converting a cutlery canteen

  1. Nice job, Neil! It’s beautiful! I’ve got some old boxes and leather suitcases that need renovating… One day…!


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