Art Journal Page: Zen


Well this layout has taken pretty much all day, aside from occasional breaks to make tea for the landscape gardeners laying my greenhouse base. I had this background waiting for something over the top – in fact since I printed it using this technique in 2011. I’d also blended a thin layer of Dylusions Paint over the top to help seal it. A new set of alphabet stencils also arrived yesterday afternoon, so that’s where the zen started, continued with the hand-drawn flowers (following some of the examples in the FloraBunda book), and then coloured with glazes.

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Graphics & Illustration – Exhibition Piece

This is the last post based on my end-of-first-year exhibition pieces. Today’s is the graphics and illustration project – we had four sessions to create a collage based on the portrait and work of our chosen artist. I developed several collages, based on thumbnail images of the myriad works of Jacek Yerka, courtesy of a Google search. The two I chose to take forward were a simple cut and paste montage of as many thumbnails that would fit on an A4 sheet, and a number of thumbnails mounted on acetate hoops circling an image of the artist photocopied from one of his books (to represent his images being inspired by his dreams). I then researched and mocked up a magazine cover and article (based on Artists and Illustrators March 2012 magazine) and a book cover dust jacket using a photo of the 3D whirling dreams montage and a scan of the A4 montage.

College Week 6 – 1950s hedgerow

I’ve finished another module, and this time it’s graphics and illustration. We were set the brief to draw natural forms and then collage the observational drawings before selecting areas for simplification, stylisation and ultimately producing artwork based on the illustrations. My drawings were mainly based on hedgerow seed heads, as you’ll see. The theme was also 1950’s prints, such as those by Lucienne Day, hence some of the colour schemes and styles. Finally, we had to put our artwork onto various items to see how they worked in different sizes.

To get the images on the mugs, I used Letraset’s Safmat inkjet sticky back transparencies, and to get the image onto the candle, I printed onto tissue paper stuck to a paper carrier page and then melted it into the wax with a heat tool.