Creevagh – tangle pattern

I’m back from a holiday in Ireland, and while there I put pencil to paper and designed four new tangle patterns from scratch. They’re all named after places we visited during the stay. I’m also a bit out of touch with what patterns are out there (including my own!) – so if any are the same, or similar, apologies, and let me know!

I’ve enjoyed playing with the negative spaces on these, and this one can be embellished by emphasising the circles.

Next week: ‘Monaghan’.


5 thoughts on “Creevagh – tangle pattern

  1. Wow! Neil good to see you back in the tangle creating saddle. I guess you’ve been busy with your college course to tangle. Lovely pattern BTW.
    Lizzie Mayne

  2. There a finite number of patterns possible (forget the exact number) and most can be found in spains al-hambra palace. Which means you cant help but produce unoriginal patterns. Sorry mate ! Lol !

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