Tangle Pattern: Deco Sidewalk

Walking around the Rockefeller Center in New York, it’s easy to be distracted, especially at Christmas, by things like the enormous Christmas tree, the musical light show on the front of Saks Fifth Avenue and the large skyscraper. But take a moment to look down, and you’ll find brass tree surrounds set into the sidewalk. Here’s a tangle pattern based on just one of those. Next week: Fairmont CP.
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Tangle Pattern: 636 Fifth

It’s been a long while since I last published a tangle pattern that I’ve developed. Well, followers of zentangle inspired art (ZIA) will be delighted to know that I have written three step-by-steps for new patterns inspired by a recent holiday to New York.

The first is inspired by the doorway of 636 Fifth Avenue, part of the art deco Rockefeller Center. Same time next week: Deco Sidewalk – based on a brass tree surround very close to the same doorway.
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Art Journal Page: The Old Apothecary [Pick A Stick Challenge]


I have taken a couple of hours this morning to tackle this month’s Pick A Stick Challenge: ten journal techniques are pulled at random and have to be completed in order of the draw. This layout wasn’t planned at the outset, and developed a theme as I went, featuring my Old Apothecary assemblage. I’ve crammed in several different techniques, including stamps I’ve carved based on my own tangle patterns. I also remembered to film a time lapse video of the process.


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Tangle Pattern: 25 Castle Street


This week, I had a day off and using a special offer voucher I took myself off to Liverpool for a day trip – just because I could. Over the day, I walked 15 miles around the city, took in  both cathedrals, a couple of art galleries, had a pint in The Cavern Club and spent a lot of time looking up, and down alleys, enjoying the varied architecture and juxtaposition of money versus old dock buildings, and old versus new.

Ever on the lookout for new patterns, I came across this stone carving above an access archway aside 25 Castle Street – which appeared to be a mercantile area back in the day with fabulous mosaic building titles and fancy copper roofs.


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Tangle Pattern: Gothic Buds


Another tangle pattern, this time drawing on Gothic architecture for the inspiration. The stippling can be either very annoying or very therapeutic depending on what sort of pen you’re using! I recommend a soft tip on a stack of paper if you value peace and quiet, or a hard ballpoint nib straight to the paper on a hard surface if you’re dead set on annoying someone in the vicinity…

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