Bible Journaling: Developing a Style

I have been trying to get into the habit of illustrating a bible verse each day since the start of the New Year. On average I think I am hitting a 40-50% hit rate, which isn’t too bad with everything else that’s happening. Here are the results of some of those bible journaling episodes. I think a typography style is developing nicely, but I’m also very fond of the illustrated ‘Immanuel’ page spread.

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Art Journal Page: Glass Full Of Colour


In tonight’s art journaling session, we’re going to be playing with paint films. This is my demo page – it’s one of those sort of pages that is inspired by the technique results rather than an artistic intent at the start. The glass is drawn round the paint film, which reminded me of sloshing Ribena and I went in search of a suitable quote. The full quote compares colour to be as essential as water, which is a great metaphor reflected in my layout.

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So what did you do today?

It’s the perennial question – ‘what did you do today?’ And alongside that, ‘what’s a mixed media artist?’ Well, today, both can be answered with – I drew lots and lots of short lines. And when I say lots, I probably mean thousands. What possessed me to work at the scale I did, I don’t know, but I suspect the 12×12″ page size, the Crafter’s Workshop stencil and the Signo pens all came together. And I’m delighted with the results. And I have writer’s cramp!