Art Journal: Travel Journal – update


A couple of weeks ago, I showed images of a travel art journal I made in response to one of the Wanderlust 2016 classes #wanderlustclass. Earlier this week I took a day out to Liverpool, and have been filling in the journal. Some was done in a Costa Coffee at Albert Dock, some on a tilting Pendolino train on the way from Leicester (that was fun!) and some since I have got back. In the various pockets, I’ve got descriptive tags of the places I visited, receipts and tickets and even the wrapping from my mid-morning flapjack – in short anything I handled that would fit in was included. The map segments are from a free city map. Panoramic views of the journal should follow depending on your your viewing platform.

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Tangle Pattern: 25 Castle Street


This week, I had a day off and using a special offer voucher I took myself off to Liverpool for a day trip – just because I could. Over the day, I walked 15 miles around the city, took in  both cathedrals, a couple of art galleries, had a pint in The Cavern Club and spent a lot of time looking up, and down alleys, enjoying the varied architecture and juxtaposition of money versus old dock buildings, and old versus new.

Ever on the lookout for new patterns, I came across this stone carving above an access archway aside 25 Castle Street – which appeared to be a mercantile area back in the day with fabulous mosaic building titles and fancy copper roofs.


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