500,000 views and still growing

Dear loyal blog followers,

Thank you so much for taking my view count to just a smidge over 500,000 views in just five years. I know from your comments, purchases and much needed ad revenue that you still find my corner of the internet interesting enough to visit regularly. To each one of you, thank you ­čÖé

Can’t wait to get to the million mark!


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More 500th Post Winners

As promised, here are some more 500th post winners… several prizes weren’t claimed, so here’s a list of new winners – if you want the prize, drop me an email using the link on the sidebar with your address so I can send it to you! Once again, if there are any unclaimed prizes in a week’s time, another winner will be selected.

The De-stress with Distress Techniques Tag book is now going to Denise Fletcher.
The Quilt Square has been won by Sarah Stainbach (perhaps my oldest follower?)
And the limited edition print has been won by Lila.


My 500th post!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my 500th post on my little corner of blog-land. In a little over three years, I’ve enjoyed hundreds of thousands of visitors, views and comments, and in celebration (and as promised) I have a giveaway for my readers.

Here are the prizes:

And here are the winners:
Terri Young – Tangle Pattern Book
Sam Smithard – De-stress with Distress Technique Tag Book
Denise Fletcher – Mini-Quilt Square
[Please email me via the sidebar link with your details to send the prize out if you’d like it. Any that are unclaimed by next weekend will be added to the public giveaway below.]

And the final prize, a limited edition hand made print of one of my tangle patterns mounted for a 4×6″ frame, will be given to a random commenter on this post. Closing date: 0001 GMT on Sunday, 29th June. Winner(s) will be announced later that day. Good luck!


You’ve done it! 250,000 hits reached

Well done to you all – at some time during the night (GMT+1) my little blog counter tipped over the 250,000 views mark. Next major giveaway will be at 500,000 views and if the current rate of views is maintained, that’ll be in around 6 months!

And the winner of the giveaway was…. Robin Pich – who pipped Meret to the post by just a couple of hours. Congratulations to my ‘newest follower’ and check your email inbox!


It’s been a bit quiet…

… on my blog for the past couple of weeks. That’s because I’ve been busy behind the scenes perfecting the art of casting and carving porcelain ready for final project pieces for college, applying and not getting a part time job, digging and planting the allotment, settling into the new studio, researching and buying fire safety equipment, public liability insurance and registering as self-employed from the beginning of next month!

College finishes with an exhibition at the end of the month, after which I’ll be able to post some pictures of my final project pieces, and from then on I’m freelancing. The timetable for the summer includes workshop planning, sample making and a couple of studio open days for groups I’m involved in.

In the meantime, I’ve posted the ‘small print’ for the workshops so that I am compliant with all the various guidelines for internet selling as well as being as helpful as I can be! They’re here if you’d like a read. If there are any workshops based on products or projects you’ve seen on my blog (or anywhere else for that matter!) then do let me know ­čÖé


Another blog milestone reached!

In just over two years, I’ve had 200,000 views of my ickle bit of the blogosphere! Thank you all!

As promised, my next giveaway will be at 250,000 views, so keep checking in – hopefully I’ll have time to make what I have planned to giveaway before then… Also keep your eyes peeled for a new diary list of workshops in my new studio. It’ll be starting with a ‘Bottle Cap Memories’ session, so start looking out those precious moments.


Advertising update…

Hi – I have been selected for the beta program of WordPress’ WordAds. This means that should you click on one of the adverts that will now be more prominent on my blog, I will get part of the revenue from the advertisers. I do hope that this won’t interrupt your enjoyment of the blog, as this potential revenue will help my income stream and allow more time for blogging rather than earning! Do let me know if you don’t get on with the ads, as I can feed this back, or turn them off entirely. Ta muchly!