Tangle Pattern: Diatom

Here’s my latest tangle pattern step-by-step for Diatom. This pattern is based on a scanning electron microscope image of a diatom. Diatoms are small algae-like organisms that populate bodies of water. I’ve been fascinated by them since learning they can be important in forensics, when I went to the Royal Free pathology department museum around 30 years ago.

Diatom tangle pattern

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Tangle Pattern: Pub Carpet #4

I’ve been doing various things away from the studio again this month, as well as creating a project for publication – which of course I can’t share. It hasn’t helped that I have just spent 8 hours installing and troubleshooting a new broadband router. Just as well I have a rough idea of what I am doing (and thank goodness for Google!). So, in the meantime, here’s another tangle pattern based on those found in a traditional pub carpet:

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Tangle Pattern: Pub Carpet #3

I’ve snatched a couple of moments to put pen to electronic tablet, and here’s another tangle pattern inspired by a pub carpet – the third in an as yet unlimited series. Technically, these aren’t  true zentangle patterns as they are too complex, with too many pen lifts to create. I suspect that drawing it as a fill-in pattern would probably also break the 20-30 minute guidance for completing a zentangle tile. A;; the pub carpet patterns so far do, however, meet the six steps or less criterion to replicate in your own tangles. Enjoy!

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