Organisation: Mini Archival Ink Tins

It’s always great to know where things are in your craft space, which requires organisation. It’s even more important in a teaching studio to be able to tell at a glance if anything is missing and for studio guests to know where to put things back. As part of the Creative Chemistry course, Tim Holtz made available inserts for his mini-distress ink pads to fit the storage tins. I’ve just looked for similar for the mini-archival ink tins, and couldn’t find one. So I made some:

mini archival ink tin organisation

A bit more detail

The inserts sit beneath the plastic tray and allow you to know what is in place and what is missing. The layout is how I group the colours, for the whole current release of 24 ink pads.

Here are the two images. Click and save the images, print them without shrinking. The outline box should be 19.8cm x 11.4cm, and you’ll need to trim a ⅜” corner radius. Please do not Pinterest these two images, but feel free to pin the one above. I ask because I rely on advertising revenue to keep my blog up and running, and sharing the images will mean that doesn’t happen. Thanks for understanding 🙂