THCC103: Day 5

alcohol ink tags

The last ‘proper’ day of the Creative Chemistry 103, and we were taught several techniques with alcohol inks on Yupo. For those not in the know, alcohol inks are dyes with, well, alcohol as the solvent – makes for fast drying heady crafting! And Yupo is a smooth plastic sheet of polypropylene suitable for all media, but particularly suited to media that play nicer when on non-porous surfaces. Lots of splatting, buffing, stamping, painting and puffing went into these. Great fun!

2 thoughts on “THCC103: Day 5

  1. Hi Neil,

    It just struck me that every day I love reading your posts, yet never reply – SORRY!

    Loving all the inspiration – and practising :O)

    (now, I’m not sure if I am ‘registered’ with this site, and see I have a lot of boxes to fill in before I can post my comment!!!!!)


  2. Loving all your samples. I wish I could do some of these techniques, and possibly do some of these courses. Your work is very inspiring.

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