Art Journal Page: An Open Book [Wanderlust 2016]


There’s various things keeping me from my ‘me time’ in the studio, and consequently, I’m playing catch up with the Wanderlust 2016 course. The fourth prompt for our dedicated art journal is ‘the bravest moment of my life…’. The theme for the layout came fairly quickly, and the page came together just as I’d hoped – it’s the first time I have done word decoupage in a layout. In fact it took longer to retrieve accidentally deleted movie files from my iPad than it did to create the layout! Happily, with those undeleted, I’ve been able to piece together another of my time lapse videos:

4 thoughts on “Art Journal Page: An Open Book [Wanderlust 2016]

  1. I love the image! Also love the colors (Quin Gold is one of my favorites!) Great transfer results (even with the spiral!) Thanks for posting.

  2. This is a really cool page, Neil. I love the open book image and how the words appear to float from the pages. Great work.


  3. Hi Neil,
    I just found your website quite by accident and I wanted to say that I am looking forward to checking out more of your fantastic projects. From the few pages I’ve looked at so far I’m excited to see all the different ways you create!! You are truly talented and I’m looking forward to try some of your projects. I love the Zentangles you’ve created, & I’ve already gotten some ideas for drawing my own!! Thank you for your site, your talent, and for sharing it with everyone!!
    Take care.

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