Candi Cup Cascade

I’ve seen several of these ‘magic’ cups made by one of my Facebook friends – she stamps, embosses and then cuts out lots of flowers to decorate hers. I’ve wanted to make my own for ages, and finally got chance (and the cup and saucer) to do one this week. I didn’t have the patience to cut out a lot of flowers, but for some reason found enough to individually place and glue some 400 pieces of Candi (from Craftwork Cards). Delighted with the outcome and looking forward to arrival of a new turntable which will make a 360 degree video so much quicker!

5 thoughts on “Candi Cup Cascade

  1. Oh I’ve seen those! How fun. I think ill give if a try! What did you use for the armature? It looms great!! Thanks for posting.

  2. That’s amazing, Neil. I remember once seeing a tap apparently in mid-air, with a continuous stream of water coming from it into a bowl. It was fascinating to watch!


  3. Absolutely stunning and yes, I cut loads of flowers out but that must have taken you ages – all that Candi, wow!! xx

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