Art Journal Page: Hope


I wasn’t at all happy with my finished page yesterday… so I tried again today using what I had learnt from my experimentation. Keeping with the ‘3+1’ theme, I switched the same complementary colours. I am so much happier with the outcome – a cleaner, fresher, more impactful page.

For this page I used:
DecoArt Media Primary Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
DecoArt Media Interference Blue and Magenta
DecoArt Ultra Matte Varnish

First I covered the page with DecoArt Media Primary Yellow fluid acrylic and dried it off before painting over three shades of purple: 3 drops  Primary Magenta + 1 drop Primary Cyan, 50:50 mix and then 3 drops Primary Cyan and 1 drop Primary Magenta. Over the top of that went the lowercase text using a Posca acrylic paint pen. And finally I did the rays in DecoArt Media Interference Blue and Magenta before sealing with DecoArt Ultra Matte Varnish to take off the gloss of the acrylic paints. The beauty of using the interference paints is that over light colours, they don’t show up as much – which meant I could brush it over the yellow lettering without worrying too much.

[Disclaimer: As a member of the DecoArt Helping Artist Program,
I have been provided with the product samples used in this project free of charge]

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