Sermon Sketchnotes go digital

151122amI’ve been lucky enough to get hold of an Apple iPad Pro, and used it this morning in church – not only to do my sermon sketchnotes direct to digital, but also used it for paperless music whilst playing the worship songs šŸ™‚

I used Procreate app, creating a non-pressure responsive pen setting for the main text, drawing it live during the sermon. Later on, I added the colour layer beneath for extra emphasis. Using Procreate also allows me to show you the creative process as a time-lapse – you’ll see I’m still getting to grips with the interface, and the odd line appears where palm rejection isn’t quite up to the mark. That said, I’m very, very impressed with the app and the performance of the Pro/Pencil combo.


One thought on “Sermon Sketchnotes go digital

  1. Excellent, Neil! I love to see modern technology coming into art – it’s a great partnership. Love the addition of colour, too, and a powerful message that we all need to hear.


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