A totem for the modern day?


After getting very frustrated trying to drive around a gridlocked Leicester over lunchtime today, I took out my angst on my bit of lumber! I’m delighted to have finished my modern day totem and now need to take my own advice. Charring the outside of the wood was a joy to do, and with a stiff brush the surface carbon comes off leaving a lovely dark woodgrain, which I have enhanced with some black shoe polish. Hopefully the wax will help resist the weather, and the exposed raw wood will gradually silver with age. The light was fading when I took the photo – I’ll try again when the sun isn’t setting!


3 thoughts on “A totem for the modern day?

  1. This is fabulous. We have quite a few chunks of wood (all destined for the log burner…..but) sitting on my drive…..ideas when I see you always welcome.

  2. This is wonderful. I love the idea and the sentiment. . . something we all need to be reminded of in a hectic life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the totem, but love what I can see of the garden more! All is beautiful.

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