A bit of me time… tarmacing a frame!

Tarmaced MirrorI had some ‘me’ time today in between looking after pups, getting ready for tonight’s class and breathing a sigh of relief at meeting another Craftwork Cards sample deadline! I’ve been keen to try out the tarmac technique since coming across it on Karen Clare’s fabulous blogĀ and seeing the stunning results of various Facebook friends who have been to her workshops. It’s amazing how an Ikea mirror, pet food cartons, a bit of acrylic paint and a solid block of tar can be transformed! Unfortunately the photo doesn’t pick up the gleam of the gold metallic paint and Inca Gold which set off the bitumen layer a treat. Definitely a project to be repeated and developed. Loved it!


8 thoughts on “A bit of me time… tarmacing a frame!

  1. Love this Neil, thanks for the mention, much appreciated! šŸ™‚
    Glad you’re loving the technique, it is a bit addictive eh! Lol
    Great work on your blog

    • Credit where it is due – as you did too šŸ™‚
      Glad I found a use for my block of tar!

  2. Wow Neil it looks soooo good! I went onto her blog but she didnt say if she used 50/50 bitumen and white spirit? And where do you get the bitumen from?! Im wondering if the same effect could be created by painting over with black acrylic paint and then wiping off? Great work anyway!

    • Hi Denise – I think the recipe was as you mention, but I have a block of tar that I was given ages and ages ago to which I added turpentine substitute to make a paste. I suspect it’s a bit different. You can get the same effect with acrylic paint, but the big difference is the speed of drying and the rewetting – acrylic dries quicker and can’t be rewetted (though alcohol can sometimes work). The bitumen/spirit mix dries well with heat, but re-lifts beautifully with more solvent.

  3. Great work Neil, absolutely stunning. Karen’s right it certainly is addictive ! and each and everyone you do is so so different.

  4. I love this project and want to give it a try. However, all blogs I’ve read refer to applying the ‘bitumen solution’ and using ‘white spirit.’ What are those two solutions and where can I buy them?

    • I’ve not bought the bitumen, but it’s probably available at a DIY store in the rainwater goods section as it is a tar-based sealer. White spirit is a paint thinner and in the decorating aisle of your DIY store. Turpentine substitute also works.

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