I’ve migrated…

I’ve migrated this blog to a so called self-hosted site – and you’ve reached the new improved version. If you find any glitches, or things missing, please let me know!

A list of workshops held at my purpose-built studio is available here.
Connect to me at The Studio on Facebook by clicking here.

New benefits:

  • Pinterest hover buttons added – quicker way to add an image to Pinterest – hold your cursor over an image and then click on the Pin it button that pops up in the top left. Most images should work.
  • Sidebar added to single page posts – making it easier for those directly linking to a post to navigate round the rest of the blog and also to see the subscribe options.
  • Continuous scrolling on home page – as you get to the bottom of the page, more posts will load, just like a Facebook newsfeed.
  • Added related posts feed – at the bottom of individual posts, including pictures, so that you can more easily find inspiration.
  • Updated font – to make text more readable on screen.
  • Custom page header images – just because I can and it looks pretty 😉
  • Instant Digital Download capability – now you can get instant access to digital downloads, no more time zone issues or waiting for me to send a link
  • New Workshop Calendar added to side bar – just click on the title to go to the workshop information and booking page.
  • Google AdSense advertising added – to support hosting costs – please let me know if you find any inappropriate adverts!

4 thoughts on “I’ve migrated…

  1. It would seem that your blog move has gone smoothly. Well done! Have not been here for a while and see you have been very busy doing samples for the TV shows. Can’t imagine what it must be like when your stuff goes missing!

    • I wouldn’t say as smoothly as it could have, but 48hrs downtime not too bad 🙂
      So far nothing has been lost in the mail, but as the TV stuff goes special delivery due to deadlines, I just make sure the insurance will cover the time and expense.

  2. Hi Neil, Glad to see you are still crafting away and things are going well for you. Popping over from the Crafting Cafe Blog hop. Apologies for being late – Lovely projects as always – Chris x

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