Handbound Travel Journal (for Jones Crafts)

This handmade book features Kaisercrafts’ fabulous February release of the Now Boarding Collection, and includes more than enough space for your journaling, photos and ephemera. Why not make one before you go on your next holiday and fill it in while you’re there?

You will need:
Kaisercraft Now Boarding: Sail / Itinerary / Boarding Pass and Collectibles die cuts

Ranger Distress Inkpads: Pumice Stone / Weathered Wood / Fired Brick
Ranger Multi-medium: Gloss
Bookbinders glue, waxed thread and needle
Five No.5 manila luggage tags

  1. Cut the Sail sheet down the middle, and then horizontally to make six sheets. Score and fold these in half. Nest two together with the chevrons on the outside/image and text on the inside. This forms your first signature, repeat to make two more.
  2. Distress the image/text sides of each page using the distress inks. Reassemble the signatures.
  3. Pierce through the spine of both pages and then sew the signatures together using bookbinding techniques. Glue the spine and allow to dry. This forms the folio.
  4. Using 5mm thin double-sided tape stick down the outside edges of the chevron pages (which should be together now) to form the tag pockets.
  5. Meanwhile, cut a 5½ inch strip off the Boarding Pass sheet and coat with gloss multi medium to seal and strengthen the cover. When dry, score several vertical lines working from the centre to form a soft, curled spine. Score vertical line 2¾ inches from each side and fold inward to strengthen the cover, stick down.
  6. Using double sided tape or glue, stick the folio into the cover, leaving the same gap along the bottom and sides of the cover.
  7. Distress the edges of the tags, add distressed paper ribbons cut from the Itinerary sheet and add embellishments throughout, also distressed, from the Collectibles pack.