Wedding Mini-Album (for Jones Crafts)

Complete_w2Featuring more of the Bella Celebrate Paperz, this mini-album is constructed from one 12×12″ sheet, two 3×4″ project cards, a couple of 3D stickers and die cuts and lots of memories. It’s a hand bound, three signature booklet with the folio tied into the cover using ribbon. With plenty of room for journaling names, dates and recollections, this mini-album could also be included in a bigger layout. Making info follows the gallery.

You will need:
Bella! Celebrate Paperz: Tokens / Lace
Bella! 3×4″ Foiled Project Cards: for weddings (WPC23)
Bella! 3D Sticker: for weddings (BWD55)
Bella! Foiled Die Cuts: for weddings (BW48)

Ranger Distress Inkpad: Black Soot
White ribbon – 3mm wide
Bookbinding glue, thread and needle

  1. Hold the the Tokens sheet with the bride and groom images facing you – you will find it helpful to lay the sections in order as you cut them. Cut the sheet into the three rows. Cut the bottom two rows in half. Score the centre line of each of the pieces, and the two sides of the top row.
  2. For the top row, fold the two sides into the centre (trim if necessary) and fold in half – this is the final signature.
  3. For the second row, fold each in half and slot the first piece into the second – the middle signature.
  4. For the bottom row, repeat 3, and this becomes the first signature.
  5. Edge each page with the distress ink and allow to dry.
  6. Assemble each signature and pierce through with a pointy tool at half inch spacing (from the top: ½”, 1″, 1¾”, 2¼”, 3″ and 3½”) to make six holes. Using bookbinding stitches sew the signatures together and glue the spine.
  7. Make the cover from two 3×4″ project cards of your choice, with a strip of the Lace sheet allowing ¼” for the spine, stuck down with glue.
  8. Tie in the booklet using the white ribbon, sticking down the ribbon either side of the bow to the spine if needed with narrow high-tack double sided tape.
  9. Print your photos, edge with the distress ink and stick in. Embellish with 3D stickers and die cuts. When adding text, use a waterproof/permanent pen and heat set to help avoid smudging across the pearlised finish.


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  1. Great idea, I’ve got a 30th Wedding Anniversary coming up so I hope you don’t mind I’d like to use something like this, it’s Fabulous. Hugs from Sam x

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