Christmas Quilt

Quilt No. 9 Here’s my happy-accident Christmas Quilt that I’ve just finished, my ninth quilt. I started it early this year using a January sale jelly roll, with a hiatus during studio construction and starting the new business. Unfortunately, the lone star pattern I was following wasn’t followed closely enough, and I completely ballsed up the strip cutting. Hence the single lone star in the middle, and the hash borders – which by happy accident have worked nicely. Given everything outside the centrepiece is completely made up, I’m pleased with the outcome. I still haven’t quite mastered the layering of backing, batting and top sheet, especially on my own which is why things are a bit baggy in places. That may settle a little after a couple of washes. Mind you, after 22 feet of hand sewing the binding on, which took 4.5 hours, I’m pretty good at that! Now to find somewhere large enough to display a 6’6″ square quilt… that hasn’t already been bedecked with decorations…

[Fabric includes Moda Elegance Jelly Roll 32530JR]



4 thoughts on “Christmas Quilt

  1. Really nice job!

    I know you haven’t asked but I can give a quick tip to help you with the “baggy” borders. Before you put borders on a quilt, measure the size of your quilt through the middle. For instance, if you are going to put the side borders on first, measure the length of you quilt from the top to the bottom through the middle. Cut your side borders to that exact length. Attach your side borders by pinning the ends at the top and bottom of the sides, then pin the middle of your border to the middle of the quilt side, and continue pinning as you ease the borders to fit the quilt sides. Then, measure the width of the quilt through the middle and cut your top and bottom borders to that width. Again pin and ease. You’ll be amazed. The quilt will come out more “square” and no more “baggy” borders! Hope that helps!

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