It’s another giveaway…

I snuck in some ‘me’ crafting time at the end of last week, and spent 10 or so hours creating my next blog giveaway. As promised, I am going to celebrate 250,000 views on this ‘ere blog soon, and in honour of this will be giving away a piece of unique art. Here’s a sneak preview…

Just a sneak preview...All you have to do is leave a comment (constructive, spam won’t count!) somewhere on my blog – whenever I notice the views click over the 250,000 mark, whomsoever has made the most recent comment, gets the prize! It’ll help if you sign up for email updates as I shall be posting regularly between now and then…

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7 thoughts on “It’s another giveaway…

  1. Good morning, I only discovered your website yesterday and was very impressed with all
    your artwork. My inspiration for drawing had disappeared and then I saw your zentangle
    designs and am now eager to try that – thank you.
    Kindest regards, Rosie

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