Envelope – tangle pattern

I recently read an article on how to use the inners of envelopes in collages. You know the ones – those with the printed security pattern that is meant to help obscure the contents. Well this got me thinking, and on receipt of the next missive from the bank, I had a quick look at the pattern inside the envelope. Two tangle patterns resulted, and here’s the first:

Envelope - tangle pattern


By definition this is more like a zentangle pattern than most I have done, as there is a continuous line in step one to form the main pattern, with only ornamentation to finish it off. The arrows show the direction the single line goes, with four motifs shown.

This actually isn’t anything like the pattern in the envelope – that’ll be next weeks release šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Envelope – tangle pattern

  1. I really like your patterns – although it all sounds a bit technical for me! I just love used envelopes the insides and the outer with the stamped bits. I’ve used them a lot to make notebook covers and collage. Can i ask about the article? I would be interested to read it.


  2. Thanks for the great new pattern. I know that you have been uber busy, but I missed you a bunch. Your patterns are always just what I need !!!

  3. Someone recently came up with a tangle based on the inside of an envelope… and called it Envelope!!! I don’t remember who but it might be found on tanglepatterns.com

  4. I’ve used these envelope linings in projects, Neil, but never thought of designing a tangle pattern from them! I love this sort of thinking outside the box (or in this case, the envelope lol!).

    Lovely work as always. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy visiting your blog.


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