Death knell for a mural

Apparently it’s got to that time when you realise that you need to start working round the house redecorating. To be honest, cracks and imminent ceiling failure perhaps have spurred this realisation on a little faster… which means that for the bathroom, at least, it’s time for a makeover. Unfortunately, that means it’s time over for the mural that has been there for almost ten years.

The mural isn’t the first I’ve painted – that was back when I was 14 or 15. But this one was by far the most planned and artistic, using emulsion paint and a glaze to thin it. The colours were dictated by the tiles chosen and I used natural sponge to imitate the pattern in paint. The rest was stippled or rolled on, with the aim of it all to be a ruined Greco-Roman temple. Another piece of ancient history disappearing… roll on the future!



2 thoughts on “Death knell for a mural

  1. Wow, love it!! Always sad to see something like this go, but at least you’ve got a photographic record. I’ve done several murals here, and we are about to move on so they will be left behind – and who knows, the next occupier may decide to paint over them – something I don’t care to think too much about! Here’s a link to my murals in case you’re interested – I’m also a great trompe l’oeil fan! As you will see, I have also done some Gothic-style arches.

    Have you got any photos of the other murals you’ve done? I’d love to see them.


    • Fantastic work there Shoshi – particularly love the lighthouse as the light pull!

      I don’t have any other mural pics to hand – not sure I even have pics of the volcano I did at school, and the other one is non-digital and in a photocollage frame…

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