Tangle 026

I had a play with a broad Signo white pigment pen and a page in my 12×12″ Derwent black page sketchbook… and this is what happened over around three evenings:

Tangle 026


I particularly like the ripples – will be doing more of those in the future! The white Signo ink is very opaque, though pens seem to vary in respect of smooth ink flow. I’ve found from experience that if a pen is misbehaving, it’s better to chuck it away. Not necessarily the most cost effective way of managing it, but far less frustrating!

12 thoughts on “Tangle 026

  1. Very nice. Love the composition and the flow of the patterns. All the white pens are finicky. I have found that using my fountain pen and filling the cartridge with Doc martin’s, works the best as far as flow and no skipping.I’ll have to check out the derwent Sketchbook. What weight was the paper?

    • I’ve thrown away the details, but I’m fairly sure it was 250gsm or 300gsm – it’s certainly heavy weight. I’ll keep an eye out for white Dr Martin’s – hadn’t thought of that!

  2. Nice seeing the white ink on black. Love the circles on the bottom right (assume these are the ripples?).

    I know you are very busy with school – but if you have the time someday – would love it if you could do a tutorial – like did you begin with the striped ribbon first, and then how did you continue? I would like to see the progression. Thanks.

    • I’ll pop your request on my to-do-when-I-have-studio and to-do-at-end-of-course lists 🙂

      I may do a couple more for the college sketchbook, and will try to remember to video it. I have the technology now to do a time lapse video, so may have to have a play over half term.

  3. Just noticed – when you stare at the completed design, many of the centers twinkle…how neat!

  4. That is so beautiful!! I am glad I subscribed to your blog, your work is so inspiring.

  5. What a fantastic piece. Love the ripples, can’t wait to have a try at that doodle idea. BTW Will you be at Stitches NEC this year? Px

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