First Birthday Giveaway – the commissioned piece

If you remember, I had a giveaway at the beginning of March in honour of this ‘ere blog’s first birthday. The first prize was for the person giving the most comments and is featured here. The second giveaway was to the longest active subscriber to the blog at the 12 month point – and that was/is Shirley at 11 months and three weeks. I asked her what she would like as her commissioned artwork and this was her reply: “I have been looking through your blog and saw the ‘largest ZIA to date‘. I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch (until my eyes rebelled). Samplers was one of my favourite things. Would I be asking too much to have that as my prize?”.

Of course I couldn’t give that particular example away again as it was a unique piece for that particular giveaway. So I’ve created this one instead, including some of my new Faberge patterns and using my first attempt at a Celtic Knot. It’s a biggie again, being A3 sized, and took almost 6 hours to complete. Well done Shirley, I hope you like it!

9 thoughts on “First Birthday Giveaway – the commissioned piece

  1. This is a wonderful ‘sampler’. I’m sure Shirley will be delighted! (I would be.) The celtic knot is a brilliant way to get a whole lot of sections to work in.

  2. This is spectacular!! What a fabulous piece! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

    Sue Brailey

  3. Amazing. I really like these “samplers” In many ways I like them better than much of the “string” work I have looked at from other tangle artists.

  4. I love this, amazing, spectacular, creative piece of work. I’m positive Shirley will be over the moon.

  5. All of your comment about how wonderful my sampler looks is so true. Neil did an absolutely inspired job. My last name is an Irish name, so the celtic border is the icing on the cake!!!
    The number of patterns is so great . I can hardly wait for it to arrive at my home.

  6. My vegemite sandwich went stale in my hand as I gazed in admiration at this work.
    Mary in Australia

  7. what an incredible piece of work! i’m just now finding your blog – been here for probably the past hour looking at zentangle patterns – and i’m sure by now this has long since been given away. congratulations on making your 1st year! i’m looking forward to following your work!

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