Has it only been a year?

Hello! Today is the last day of the first year of my blog 🙂

And in my normal fashion, I’m celebrating this milestone with a giveaway! More on that in a moment, but first some first year stats:

  • I’ve had over 67,000 hits in one year – wow!
  • My busiest day was 22nd February this year when 783 views occurred in 24 hours
  • My Tangle Pattern gallery has been viewed 6,616 times
  • The top five most viewed tangle patterns are CB5, Raffia, Waterlily, Flower Whorl and ABC
  • 1,245 views came from people searching Google for ‘tangle patterns’
  • The post with the most comments during the year, unsurprisingly, was my third giveaway
  • I have 130 email subscribers and 13 WordPress followers
  • I’ve made 227 posts and there are a total of 664 comments

Phew! What a year! I’d like to thank you all for your support, comments and enquiries – they really do make a difference to my enthusiasm levels!

And now to the giveaway. In fact, two giveaways!

Both giveaways will be a commissioned piece of artwork (that’s postable) of the recipient’s choosing – it might be a bespoke card, a zentangle, a drawing – that’s for the recipient to choose with me. It’ll be your own special personal bit of blog 🙂

The first giveaway is to the person that has given the most feedback through the comments over the year – and by far the leader is…. Judy Gudeman! Judy, please look in your email inbox! I’d like to give an honourable mention to Dianne T and Lizzie Mayne as runners up.

And the second is to my longest standing, active, email or WordPress follower. All you have to do to win the giveaway is to comment on this blog – whoever has been subscribing for the longest and responds the quickest will win 🙂

As for my new followers, keep following! It won’t be long before I am celebrating my 100,000th view and I’m hoping to get some great prizes to giveaway.

Best wishes to you all and roll on the next 12 months!

12 thoughts on “Has it only been a year?

  1. Congratulations!!! I love seeing the posts arrive in my inbox- here’s to another great year to you!

  2. Thanks very much Neil! This is very generous of you, and I appreciate it!

  3. Congratulations on your 1st birthday blog.
    Happy blogday to you
    Happy blogday to you
    Happy blogdaaaaaay dear Neil
    Happy blogday to you.

  4. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year! Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re great!

  5. I want to add my congratulations on your first year. I have loved using your tangle patterns and looking at your projects. Here’s to many more years of artful additions for us to the universe!!

  6. Congrats on your first year. It has been a pleasure to see all your posts!
    Looking forward to what you will share in the future.

  7. Congratulations Neil & a very Happy 1st Birthday 🙂 You’ve worked so hard you really do deserve
    to have many followers and I’m sure everyone of us appreciate all your efforts Thanks for the inspiration! Diane

  8. Love getting email from you… Congratulations on the year for the blog…. Thank you for all you do

  9. Congratulations, WOW that year went quick or is because I am getting older LOL.
    Keep up the good work and the inspirations that you send out way.
    May you have a blessed second year.

    • Oops, was supposed to read …. send OUR way, Must be this rotten flu I have.

  10. this year has really flown by swiftly. I have been following you for a long time and have really enjoyed the tangles and the varity of all other crafty things!!!

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