Unique Giveaway #3 – four days to go

Just a little reminder to those that haven’t entered yet, I’m giving away this mug and fancy saucer set hand-decorated with my own tangle designs. Entry is by commenting anywhere on my blog between now and midnight GMT on my birthday, Friday 10th February. I’ll draw the winner on Saturday 11th February and announce it here on my blog. Good luck! [If you’ve already entered, you’re welcome to make more comments, but you’ll only be entered into the draw once.]

19 thoughts on “Unique Giveaway #3 – four days to go

  1. Love Zentangle and seeing all the innovative ways everyone is expressing their inner creative soul via this art. This is an amazing example of soaring beyond the limits – so very cool and unique. May your birthday be as exquisite as your artistry!

  2. Not only do I love the tangled design, but I really like the cup with the elongated saucer/plate!

  3. My husband always compliments me on the tangles I create. I always compliment him on his handsome “mug.” I do hope I win the giveaway – it would really make hubby smile! Thanks for sharing and motivating us all.

  4. Hi Neil. Beautiful tangles. I love the fancy saucer. Looks like the perfect place for cookies! What type of pen (or whatever) did you use to create this? Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired.

    • Hi Cheryl – I used a porcelain pen. I made sure the glaze was completely grease mark free using a wipe over with rubbing alcohol. All I need do now is bake according to instructions and the tangles will be dishwasher proof 🙂

  5. Beautiful set and design. As an ICU nurse I am always searching for ways to unwind; during or after a 12 hour shift. Zentangle is my #1 go to when the night is especially emotional. I usually can
    carve out 10 or 15 minutes to relax while tangling.
    So happy to have found your site.

  6. Hi Neil
    I know this is an old post but do you have a tutorial on how to tangle ceramics and make them waterproof?

    • I used a specialist pen for drawing on glazed ceramics (look for porcelain pen in craft shops). Clean the ceramic with rubbing (isopropanol) alcohol and keep fingerprint free while working on it. Draw on your design – at this stage if you go wrong you can wipe off with a dampened cloth. Allow to dry, and then follow the pen instructions for setting – mine required a 30 minute bake in the oven.

      • Thanks Neil
        I bought some white mugs from Ikea and I want to make personalised mugs for my grandchildren. I’ve seen this done with sharpies, have you had any experience in using them on ceramic?
        How’s the studio progressing?

        • Sharpies are fine for drawing onto mugs, but it will wash off over time… Great way of labelling mugs for the day 🙂

          Studio updates under the Studio tag, but may be in by Easter 🙂

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