Persian Borders – tangle pattern

Here are three patterns for the price of one – or you could use them together as a repeating pattern. All three are adapted from designs on ceramics from the Parthian period, which apparently is between 247 BC – 224 AD. I think the copyright has expired on these!

Tomorrow, 8 of 14: ‘Asterix’.

5 thoughts on “Persian Borders – tangle pattern

  1. These Persian designs are all very lovely!
    I’d prefer it if you showed them without using graph paper, as zentangle is unpremeditated, so to speak.
    Enjoyed Zippo too. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Margaret… I use grids to help others copy the designs more easily. Also, if zentangle was truly unpremeditated, we’d not be copying other’s patterns? What do you all think?

  2. Love these borders Neil! Thanks for all the new tangles!
    I think the grid doesn’t matter, if you want to do them that way so be it!

  3. You are having a real love affair with everything Persian at the moment. They are so pretty.

  4. As a newbie Tangler, I appreciate the grids in your tutorials! I’m making a reference book (moleskin notebook 3″x5″) and it sure makes it easy to get all the proportions closer to the original patterns. Thanks bunches for sharing your creations and spuring on us beginners! If I had the bucks, I’d send you the funds for your web-cam on your wish list as a thank you from me – but alas being retired and a fulltime rv’er with hubby, our retirement funds are limited (and not controled by me – grin) – but I can still wish and share my desires, right?

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