Unique Giveaway #1 – round 4

Dear readers –

I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in trying to give away this fabulous handmade book of my tangle patterns in honour of my 10,000th blog view! The idea was that a subscriber would win it, but I have now emailed three of them using the addresses submitted during subscription, and none have replied. Not sure if that’s their spam software playing up or what.

So, just a reminder of what’s available:

The cover is hand-tangled with my own designs [it’s taken ages!] and will be personalised with the initial letter of the winner’s choosing before being sealed with a gloss varnish finish. It’s a hand-crafted book [which took ages too!], with hard cover and sewn and glued spine.

Inside are colour copies of all my tangle patterns from January to June 2011, and the eight tags contain hand-drawn tangles, with tips on shading, creating patterns and a unique and unpublished, exclusive tangle pattern.

This time, please reply to this post, stating why you would like to win this fabulous prize. I’ll pick the most ‘deserving’ and post the winner on 31st August, so you have plenty of time. Hopefully this way I can actually give it away!

49 thoughts on “Unique Giveaway #1 – round 4

  1. Hi Neil – I cannot believe anyone would spam you !
    Hush to all my ‘oh,poor me’ reasons I should get this fab book. I would like to earn it, because I used to do CADD engineering construction drawings for a living (which is Very Precise and Very Technical). Since I found Tangle-ing a while ago, it has opened my eyes to “it’s right the first time” un-even-ness and “hand” drawn pleasure. What is a Straight-edge anyway? oh yeah, and I’ve been playing at book-making also (for just a little longer). I promise I will e- you back if I winn !
    thanks for having such a wonderful website ! molly z, the drawer by hand (not drafter by computer)

    p.s.- I lost my job 4 + years ago and need a good cheer-me-up present (just 1 poor-me)

  2. As a child I learned never to judge a book by it’s cover but this cover must be the exception; it is absolutely beautiful, you have done an awesome job on it! I would love to have it for its cover and for the beautiful tangles inside! 🙂

  3. Wow, hope it wasn’t me you tried to contact. Surely I would not have missed an email telling me I had won such a magnificent gift. I would love to win so as to be able to share all your patterns with my class (8 and 9 year olds) who have now been enjoying tangling for a year and a half. They love looking at the tangles created by others and this would inspire them greatly. Please, pick me. Just one little bit of pleading at the end.

  4. Neal, I love your tangles and look forward to your new ones, especially your weekly series. Not having a creative bone in my body (Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration;) I rely on others who are more artistic for inspiration. You are one of those on whom I rely. Since I have developed a slight tremor from my MS, I am finding that doing Zentangle is really good exercise for my fine motor control. I love your work and would be proud to own your lovely book. The tangle cards would be a wonderful take-along reference for me. Besides, it’s just lovely!!! I ask you, Who wouldn’t want it?

    • Hi Loretta, I have MS tremor in my hands also…had when I began tangling. People told me my tangles look “organic” so I decided to be happy with that! Short strokes work best. Trying for perfect lines only makes more tremor. So go ahead and tangle yourself some Zen! Enjoy your organic tangles. 😉

  5. I would just love to win this! I would use it for sure for tangle inspiration and it would be fun to take along to my Zentangle classes and demos. I know my students would really enjoy seeing it too. They always love to see examples of Zentangles in a unique product or item. It is always inspiring. You come up with great patterns—-keep up the great work. I am a fan.

  6. I can’t believe that you have not been able to give this away. Well their loss is our gain. I would love this for the inspiration and examples it provides and the fact that the book is a piece of art in and of itself.

  7. I would love to immerse myself in this wonderful gift. Zentangles come from the creative soul and even when you use a pattern gifted by another Zentangler, it becomes uniquely your own. What you created is a gift of creative artistry that should be honored and also shared. If I am lucky enough to own this I will continue to share it, using the patterns and ideas to create my own Zentangles and to share them on the page I created on facebook, the Zentanglers Mutual Inspiration Society, that is made up of people with a love for Zentangle. Trust that if I am the lucky winner, I will love your work and not put it in a corner!!

  8. I would llove to have your box with your tangle patterns – I have been looking for a way to store tangles that I would like to use and this seems to be the perfect solution. I know just the place to put it too! Right on my drafting table where I can gleen inspiration from the box and what is inside.

  9. Hello Neil, I would love to put my name in the hat at a chance to win this one of a kind work of art created by YOU!! I found Zentangle Inspired Art works on the internet a couple months ago. I really liked all the designs I saw people drawing and I thought there was no way I could do this. My drawing ability is drawing stick people, not that there is anything wrong with stick people, LOL, so I gave this type of art a try and I just love it. I found your blog shortly thereafter and have been enjoying and I look forward to getting your e-mails with new inspiration from your designs. This is a very generous offer to give away such an awesome gift. Thank you and thank you for the inspiration. Happy Tangling!! Carol Lawecki

  10. I can’t believe no one has claimed this beautiful gift! I have just started tangling and am having so much fun! It would be wonderful to have a resource of tangles right at my fingertips – I’m old and can’t always remember what I know how to do 🙂 You have worked so hard on this and I would love to be the recipient of your wonderfulness!

  11. Wow, I hope I’m not one you tried to contact, too. Because I would love that book. Why? Well, I love your patterns, and I love collecting them. 😀

  12. I adore your blog and have all (OK, many) of your instruction sheets saved to a folder on my computer. Your instructions are The Best Ever – so thank you for that! I’ve learned so much from you! Love your art and would soooo love to win this marvelous book. I seldom enter these give-aways, because I think I’ll never win…but I’m entering this one, because it’s something I care so much about and would so appreciate! The Zentangle artform has changed my perspective of myself in the realm of art…how great is that?!

  13. Me, me, me!!! Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous.I would love to win this. I am starting to journal some tangles of my own and would love to see what your book looks like. My dream is to quit my day job and spend my life tangling and teaching and bringing this art form to as many people as possible!!

  14. ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I would love to win this beautiful little treasure. I could set it out at class and introduced students my fellow CZTs wonderful tangles and of course be tickled pink that you chose me and that I’d get to admire it everyday. Your work is fabulous.

  15. Hi Neil, I was so excited to read the post and learn there still might be an opportunity that I could still win your magnificent creation. I am in awe of your talent, admire your work and find your art inspiring. I am an amateur that has found Zentangling to be a therapeutic, creative outlet. I jumped at the chance to write a post to convince you to pick me, then I began reading what others have written. Their reasons sound so much more compelling, so instead of asking you to send it to me I simply send best wishes to you as you decide which of your many fans is the most deserving of this honor.

  16. I hope I wasn’t one of the winners that didn’t respond. I usually do check my spam folder regularly, but I haven’t been able to lately. At any rate, I’d love to have this book because you present your tangles so beautifully, and it would become a cherished part of my zentangle library. I’ve been playing with bookbinding myself, and would love to see how you bound this book!

  17. I would love to win your tangle box/tangles. I really admire you for starting a new career and sussceding so well. Your patterns are beautiful. I also make cards and your desings really inspire me.

  18. jAs a beginner tangler, all the possibilities for fills is like herding cats… I don’t know where to start with what to fill the blank piece of paper. The beautiful book you have created is just the right size to be nestled into my portable tangle it right now kit that I keep in my purse/backpack. It would be a conversation starter piece that would help me decide what to put where and help with the illusion that anyone can do it even when one had brain freeze.

    N Richardson

  19. I’d have echo everyone else and say we all love your work here! Why else would we have followed and reply on here? We all would absolutely love to win the book!! I have been a recent Zentangle follower and have taken the intro class a couple months ago. I haven’t been able to splurge on many book and rely heavily on what’s available online. I think having a book in my hand would be a great way to practice more and in a more tangible way too! Well there’s my bid for the prize! Good luck to all!

  20. The book is so awesome and I would love to win it! I always look forward to your updates. Your work is amazing and has inspired me to make some art, too!

  21. I have been tangling (if this is the right word?) for a couple of weeks. I’m so new and this book would be such an inspiration! I so love hand done items! Thanks for the chance.

  22. I commented before but I never win anything and I doubt that this will be any different. However, I would certainly be willing to purchase a box and book like this if you were planning to sell them. Keep us posted.

  23. Wow! such generosity!! and what an artwork. You are an inspiration! I would be wrapt with such a book as I keep forgetting all the tangles, there are so many. I think its all about sharing and giving away. I have a free ladies art and craft class fortnightly and inspire them to be creative.I love to see people discover their creativity, they are so encouraged. if I dont win the book, can you tell me how to make one? I have been trying to think of a good way to make a sample book of tangles for quick reference.

  24. Wow! Such a beautiful book. I would love to win it-even pay the postage:)
    My book looks so primary school compared to yours.
    I don’t how you can part with your beautiful book. Linda

  25. I love your tangles. Every week, when I am collecting links for my weekly roundup, I look forward to see what new ones you have come up with. I also have a great admiration for handmade books; haven’t tried making one yet, but I plan to.

  26. Dear Neil
    I am in awe of your design sense and lovely workhuman-ship on the book and all your weekly patterns. I too have my sob story, as do so many of your other readers. So I won’t bore you with it, it’s just as upsetting as everyone else’s lol. I am really hard pressed to say I deserve your lovely book more than anyone else on the planet, but inside me I think I am greedy enough to WANT your book more than anyone else on the planet 🙂 If you would be so good as to take a peek at my work, perhaps you would understand how I WOULD use your book, and perhaps that would give you a reason to select me over the others. but then, there are those deserving teachers saying they will share the book with their young students out goes that argument.

    You’ve set the bar very high, asking as us to say why we deserve your book; could it be as simple as, it would be a remarkable honour and pleasure to hold, and use, a handmade book by a true artist? Here’s hoping, because I am going to stop there.

    Thanks for the remarkable offer, I’ll still be happy to read your blog, even if you don’t pick me; there is so much lovely work here.

  27. As a newcomer to Zentangling, I would love to have your book as inspiration. Creating such a work of art that is useful and inspirational is indeed a feat you have managed. I’m having a great deal of trouble getting my tangles organized and love the book concept. If you choose me your book will be cherished as well as put to good use.
    Thanks, for being so genous and giving it away.

  28. HI Neil: I am so inspired by your concise beautiful Zentangles. I am a beginning Zentangler and have inspired a few friends to give it a try here in Victoria, BC. It would be an honour to win your fantastic book; I would share it with others and we would cherish it forever.

  29. I would absolutely cherish this book as you are my favorite tangle designer. I use your designs in almost all of my pieces. I have an upcoming ‘gallery opening’ for some tangled totebags coming up in October at a local yarn store. At least one, if not many of your designs are on every one! Even if I don’t win, I want you to know that you ROCK! Keep up the great work Neil!

  30. This is a fantastic work of art, book and pattern resource. I am a book maker also and books in all their varieties fascinate me.I would be honored to have this piece be a part of my family.

  31. I am so glad I have found your blog, Neil!! I am new to the tangle world and came across some of your amazing patterns online. I love the way you create the directions…perfect for a newbie like myself. It would be awesome to win your book…it would be a fabulous start to my tangling adventure.

    Karen x

  32. i would so love to win this one of a kind book it looks awesome its something i would always treasure.

  33. Hi Neil!

    My goodness, what a wonderful book. I just found your website and (like Ann H, above) I started saving some of your ideas on my computer. Thanks so much for sharing your creative gift. I sincerely hope that I win it, but if I don’t may I contact you for tips on trying to make my own?

    Love, Judy

    • By the way. . . I am another healthcare provider who would **LOVE** to retire into a new art career! I’m sure we would have many common stories!

  34. It is sad that the previous winners didn’t receive your emails but I am sure that I would check on my emails with baited breath. I know I deserve to win for lots of reasons and will not bore you with details of a sob story. Your beautiful work will be cherished.

  35. THIS IS AMAZING! The amount of work you put into it is quite obvious and makes me very awed that you would even consider giving it away. What a generous spirit you must have.

    The reason I would feel honored to win would be that I have only recently discovered the world of Zentangles and doodles and the immense beauty they hold. I just received my first kit last night and have been encouraging my husband to start too. The positive energy and level of wisdom that a handmade item like yours would share, would be an amazing form of mentoring and ‘paying it forward’ as I begin my journey into this new realm. I am a nurse and I work daily with wounded service members and their families at a military health clinic and the use of this artform as a catharsis for me and the stress that I experience would be a gift. I would also like to share this gift with my coworkers and even the patient’s and families as a way to help them express the deep wounds they are coping with in their journeys. Whomever is gifted with your book, will be truly fortunate and your efforts to make this a better world through giving are very much appreciated.

  36. Your blog is wonderful! I would love to win this fabulous book. I’ve never won a hand made book and it would be an honor! I am a disabled and housebound woman who has chosen Zentangle as one of the ways to occupy my time. It helps me to zen out and to feel creative. As a fairly new tangler, the patterns in your book would open up a new world of Zentangle for me, and I would be very grateful. Thank you for your kindness in giving away such a treasure!

  37. my passion is filling up sketchbook after sketchbook. In the lat year i have discovered zentangle and discovered my work has a name! i would love this book so I would have a beautiful reference to tangle patterns to fill my books with;http://lostandfound-bjw.blogspot.com/
    thank you for this giveaway, the person who wins it will have a real treasure.

  38. Oh, pick me! I need some good instructions, all in one place, and this is the BEST!

  39. Hi Neil! First, I must say, you are truly a gifted artist with so many wonderful talents! I LOVE your work! I see in your work how you put your heart and soul into everything you create. I am humbled that you would even consider giving away your handmade book! It has to be precious to you because of all the time, effort, heart, and soul you put into creating it, let alone including all of your unique and creative tangles too! I have to admit that I was so very surprised when I saw that you were going to give it away (the first time around!). I so hoped I would receive an email from you saying that I was the new proud owner of your precious book, but unfortunately, the email never came. Then, WOW, a second chance to possibly win your handmade book! It is just too good to be true!!! I don’t know how I am more deserving than anyone else, but if you pick me to give your book to, I would cherish it, learn from it, and share it with everyone I know. It is much too valuable for one person to keep all to themselves! Thank you for the opportunity to even be considered in your giveaway. Happy creating! Angie

  40. There’s absolutely no reason why I’m more deserving of winning your beautiful piece of work than any of your other readers. If I were to win, I would treasure it always and put it to good use. And I would be very happy!

  41. I sure wish I had entered EVERY DAY! Thanks again for the chance! Beautiful book.

  42. I was touched by the post card you posted earlier today. I have all of the same activities this Summer! God bless you.

  43. The time has come for the giveaway winner to be announced. I couldn’t judge between your flatteries, life stories and outright begging – it was great to read them all. Consequently, I’ve drawn a number at random (using random.org) and the winner is entry 37: Lynn Peters.

    Congratulations Lynn, please email me on the link to the top right of the page to claim your prize. If there’s no reply within 48 hours, I will redraw a new winner.

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