Sharpie versatility – customising inflatables

So, what do you do when all the rings and inflatable dolphins are the same at the poolside? You ask your artistic uncle to customise yours for you. And so it was I was thankful for taking my collection of Sharpies with me on holiday! I created a dragon for Josh and tattooed eyebrows for Dan’s dolphin. I’m pleased to say that both stood up pretty well in use, and the black Sharpie was far more resilient than the colours. It helped that the surface was grainy on the ring and on the white printed areas of the dolphin.

2 thoughts on “Sharpie versatility – customising inflatables

  1. great way to get your nephews involved. were there any jealous onlookers?
    set up your booth, get everyone zen-ed out, that’s what vacations are for!!!

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