A different take on jam labels?


I harvested my crop of blackcurrants yesterday evening and was pleased to have got around 900g from my one bush down at the allotment. A bit of boiling, sieving, sugaring and wrinkle-testing later and I had seven jars of blackcurrant jelly setting nicely. Full of my own creative juices this morning, I came up with a novel idea for the labels: I wanted to use the very blackcurrant colour of the jam to depict the fruit on the label. So I printed the text onto my labels (Avery L7160) and used the long-arm Cropodile to punch out three holes per label. A few green lines as stalks and a dab of white Signo pen and ’tis done. It’s a bit hard to see the colour in the photo (and indeed on the jar!) because the jelly is so dark, but the side on view shows the reflections in the glass to  show the punch through more clearly. A quick idea to personalise your jam labels.