Noodlz – tangle pattern

Day Three: ok, I was sort of hungry when I played with this pattern. It looks pretty simple and random, and it is. But there was a sort of rule I was trying to stick to: start with a nobble, squiggle, end with a nobble. Draw your next nobble by the one you’ve just finished and squiggle again. Ideally, if you stick to the rule, your nobbles should always be in pairs. I clearly didn’t manage to stick to the rules… must have been the hunger šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow’s midway tangle pattern: ‘Leggo’.

2 thoughts on “Noodlz – tangle pattern

  1. Hi Neil: I’m really enjoying your zentangles .. and I especially like this #3 “Noodlz” .. you’ll be writing your own manual soon!!

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