Gelatin(e) Printing – test run

It’s been a busy morning – very creative vibes. I was reading about gelatin(e) printing yesterday afternoon, and set a gelatine gel plate overnight. I managed to get the sheet more or less intact out of the baking tray using a smidge of hot water round the base and sliding it onto a glass mat. And these are the results of my first play šŸ™‚

Notes to self: (and you dear reader)

  1. Two sachets of Dr Oetker Ā gelatine in three cups of water was not a strong enough mix. I’ve now added a third sachet and reheated in microwave to dissolve aiming for a firmer gel.
  2. Don’t dab at the gel to see if it has set – if it hasn’t you’ve ruined your printing surface.
  3. If there’s not very much paint on the gel, you increase the risk of the gelatine sticking to the paper and tearing as you take it up – this is particularly a problem with absorbent paper. Gel wiped off with a baby wipe without moving the printed paint too much from underneath. Damage to the gel plate added to texture on subsequent printing.
  4. Lots of fun doing distressed backgrounds on ATCs šŸ™‚
  5. Wipe the gel plate clean with wet paper towel – I found baby wipe was a little too dry.
  6. Definitely need to play with this one a lot lot more šŸ™‚

One thought on “Gelatin(e) Printing – test run

  1. Just come across this, I had seen Geliplate printing at a Worksop with Barbara Gray and was not impressed. Seemed just another way of spending a lot of money for no real reason. Being able to make my own plate, though, would give me an opportunity to try out what I already have. Thanks for the idea.

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