Art Journaling – napkin decoupage

I’m discovering art journaling, and so far am just doing the backgrounds. Today I tried ‘napkin decoupage’ – taking the printed layer off a two or three ply napkin and then using a matte gel multi-medium sticking it to the page. So here’s the result! The rose image is from a napkin (Cath Kidston,John Lewis) and the rest is acrylic paint applied with a baby wipe into my Moleskine sketch book – I gesso’d the page first. The large burgundy area next to the rose image resulted from the page delaminating under gesso and heat and the top layer of the page peeling off leaving a much more absorbent core exposed. Adds to the distressed look.

One thought on “Art Journaling – napkin decoupage

  1. I like your choice of colours and the napkin transfer for the journal background.

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